Sunday Brunch
Featuring a Bloody Mary Bar  7
and Mimosas 5
Coffee  1.50

Bunch Cocktails


Dizzy Three espresso vodka, salted caramel Baileys,

amaretto & Kahlua with a whipped cream topping and hint of nutmeg 7


Dictador rum, maple syrup & fresh squeezed orange juice 6


Copper Kings American Brandy, creme de cacao & house blend coffee

topped with whipped cream dusted with cinnamon 6

Served with chips and pickle. 

Gluten-free bread available. Substitute vegan cheese +1

Sandwich of the day
Ask your server about the daily special  9

The Hangover
Smoked Gouda, sharp cheddar, bacon and two fried eggs over medium

and sriracha aioli on sweet brioche 9

Monte Cristo
Creamy brie, swiss, black forest ham, turkey on country white

dusted with powdered sugar and with a side of blackberry jelly 10

Brunch BLT
Double the cheddar, two slices of bacon, two fried eggs over medium, 

lettuce, tomato and sriracha aioli on country white 9

 Three Amigos
Sharp cheddar, smoked gouda and swiss on country white 8

Rise and Shine  
Cheddar, black forest ham and two eggs over medium brioche

with a side of maple or buttered bourbon maple syrup 9

These Are The Hollandaise of Our Lives 
Swiss, black forest ham, poached eggs and hollandaise on a bagel 8 

Classics & Desserts

The Anne Boleyn

spiced caramelized apples and honey whipped cream cheese

on brioche dusted with powdered sugar 7

 (Not so) Bittersweet Symphony
Creamy brie and chocolate hazelnut spread on brioche dusted with powdered sugar. 

Served with blackberry jelly ~ 7

French Toast

French toast dusted with powdered sugar, served with mascarpone, 

maple syrup and a side of bacon 8

Pina Colada French Toast

Toasted coconut french toast dusted with powdered sugar,

served with mascarpone, pineapple curd and a side of bacon 8

Basic 'Wich

‚ÄčMultigrain toast with avocado slices and eggs over medium 4